Over the past 12 years Invent has helped thousands of people across Australia to find and achieve the best deal. Each
of them has their own ‘Invent Story’ to tell.
Here are a few, written in their own words:

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“My wife and I are in our early fifties. One of the daunting prospects that we faced was trying to re enter the housing market after a disastrous franchise experience that left us with debt and despondency and thinking we were destined to remain renters for the remainder of our lives. After a recommendation from a friend we spoke to Tim and after our first meeting we actually saw light for the first time in nearly seven years and with a plan to follow. 12 months after that meeting we see ourselves with a car financed for my wife’s work, 5 acres of sublime land for our dream home and a pre approval for construction.  You may find better but I doubt it.”


“Tim assisted and helped me comprehend the knowledge of the products in which made the process easier. He always returned my phone call which made everything easy! The service provided was Excellent, I would recommend his services to others.”


Being able to provide solutions that were relevant to my situation. The solutions were hassle free. Prompt service. Kept it simple for me”


“You were very thorough and diligent. You were helpful right through the process and you kept us abreast of the progress all the way through.
Honestly, I don’t  think we would have been able to get the finance without you.
Our case was just too complicated and if anyone who didn’t have the same determination had been handed our case it wouldn’t have got over the line.”


Tim is very knowledgeable in the industry. Kept us up to date during the whole process, even followed up with us after everything was finalised. Has a fantastic assistant named Jenny.”


“Good old fashion down to earth service, And very professional, Wish I had met Tim years ago, He has turned my families life around, Finally someone helped us realize the fruits of all our labour, Champion.”


“From the start Tim put me at ease and made the whole process very simple. I would recommend Tim to anybody looking for a loan because his services, communication, explanations of products is all EXCELLENT”


 “I was impressed and grateful that you responded to my emails and phone calls.
You never made me feel that I was imposing or being a nuisance (although at times I probably was).
This time was quite stressful for us both but your service was much appreciated.

The fact that you were friendly and approachable and nothing appeared to be too much trouble, I would not hesitate in recommending your services to friends in the future. Thank you so much”


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